Aseptic processing and packaging

Aseptic processing and packaging validation services. 

Sterilization evaluation and process establishment. 

We offer validation audits and spoilage investigations.

In-Container sterilization

Thermal process development for low acid, acid or acidified products packed in any type of container. We validate all kind of sterilizers. 



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We assist with FDA filings and facility registration, covering all technical compliance services and regulatory requirements. 

We offer support with FDA detention issues, import alerts and inspection reports


& regulations

FSMA's Preventive Controls Rule, by FSPCA PCQI lead instructor.

Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP), HACCP, GMP/SSOP, allergens, sanitation and label compliance.

Third party audits.


Get trained with the experts!!!

All our professionals are highly recognized specialists in their fields. Thermal processing workshops. 

Hands-on training upon demand

Customized classes.

English, Spanish or Italian. 

Aseptic Processing and Packaging

  • Aseptic processing and packaging system audits.

  • Sterilization evaluation and process establishment

  • Compliance audits for sterilization, filling and packaging systems

  • Process deviation evaluation

  • Evaluation and selection of equipment & packaging suppliers

  • Validation services

  • Spoilage investigations

  • Pre-purchase consultation

  • New technology implementation & regulatory acceptance


In-Container Sterilization

Validation for all systems:

  • Low acid, high acid and acidified products

  • Packed in rigid, semi-rigid and flexible containers, including pouches, trays and glass.

  • Processed in steam, water spray, water cascade, water immersion sterilizers (static/agitated), continuous rotary and hydrostatic sterilizers

System evaluation and process establishment:


Assistance with export to the US

Services for exporting to the US

  • US FDA filings and facility registration

  • US FDA import detention issues

  • US FDA inspection reports

  • Third party audits

  • Process deviation evaluation for US-FDA compliance


Standards & Regulations

  • Assistance with implementation of FSMA’s Preventive Controls Rule, by FSPCA PCQI (Preventive Controls Qualified Individual) lead instructor.

  • Preventive controls

  • Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP)

  • Complementary regulations of the Title 21 CFR

  • Bioterrorism / US Foreign Facility Registrations

  • Labeling regulations

  • Assistance with nutritional & allergen labeling information

  • HACCP, GMP/SSOP & Food Defense Plan Development, Implementation or Review.

  • Third party audits on GMPs, allergens, sanitation and label compliance.



Get trained by the experts!

  • Courses can be combined and customized according to customer's equipment and operation

  • Hands-on training available upon demand

  • Classes can be offered at customer's site. 

  • Process optimization method’s theory and application training (applied to customer’s own data evaluation)

  • Trilingual:  English, Spanish or Italian

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